Fang Tao acted as a patent winner for Yunnan Xiang Feng Group

Date:2017年7月21日 11:47

The whole case

In June 2013, our Yunnan Xiangfeng group commissioned, on 201230492103.6 patents (Applicant: Longling County chemical fertilizer plant) filed a patent for design is invalid, I Division in February 24, 2014 received the written decision of the State Intellectual Property Office, the Patent Reexamination Board, Announcement No. 201230492103.6 design patents are invalid.

Key points of patent invalidation

Product packaging bags used by the patent and Yunnan Xiang Feng Group (contrast design 1) pattern design, layout, theme and content are basically the same, although the patent in the pattern layout, theme content and contrast design 1 different, but on the whole, the patent has not produced a unique visual effect, the patent does not comply with the provisions of the second paragraph of article twenty-third of the patent law.

Business introduction

Yunnan Xiangfeng group was founded in 1988, under the Yunnan Xiang Feng Chemical Co., Ltd. Yunnan golden wheat Hongxiang Chemical Co. Ltd., Kunming HSBC Shennong fertilizer limited liability company, Yunnan Xiang Feng Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Anning microfinance limited 19 subsidiaries. Is a production and high concentration of phosphate and compound fertilizer, chemical production, mining processing, import and export trade, SPA service as a whole, comprehensive management, comprehensive development in modern enterprise

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