• 产品名称:   "The Daya River and DAYAHEPIAOLIU map" (3681232) (2007) Trademark No. No. 04798 ISO

  A great river, DAYAHEPIAOLIU and map "(3681232) (2007) Trademark No. No. 04798 ISO


  Two, the Daya River and DAYAHEPIAOLIU map "(3681232) (2007) Trademark No. No. 04800 ISO


  1, the nature of the case: objection


  2, the trademark office reason: the applicant for trademark registration is filed constitutes improper means to pre empt registration objection has been used and has certain influence "great river" trademark. According to "trademark law" article thirty-first, the provisions of article thirty-third, my bureau ruled that objection of the objection case No. 3681232nd "great river DAYAHEPIAOLIU and trademark registration shall not be approved.


  3, commented: "the great river" is a trademark of objection, Huanren East River rafting Co. Ltd. prior use, and through the first and made use of a famous and influential brand, although not registered, but already was the fact that the actual use of trade marks. As an enterprise of the same county and same industry as the opposition, the dissenting party shall know the existence of the opposition and its trademark. This is a typical case in violation of the thirty-first provisions of the trademark law. At the same time, the evidence submitted by the case is relatively adequate, in which the documents issued by the people's Government of Huanren Manchu Autonomous County can not be underestimated.


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