• 产品名称: Qingdao third soda water factory Co., Ltd.

  Qingdao city third soda factory Co. Ltd. of Qingdao meisida food factory for registration, preliminary approval notice in the 859th period "trademark notice" in 3086691st, "old Kang laoniankang and map" trademark objection, fangtao intellectual property agency mesida law to make a plea.


  The reason: people have objections registered in the thirty-second categories of goods on the "old Kang" trademark, and claims that the trademark in question in the text and the designated goods with the same similar according to the cited trademark, "trademark law" in article twenty-eighth, registered trademark shall be rejected for objection. The respondent mainly analysis from the angle of the designated goods, the trademark in question is specified in the twenty-ninth category of "milk and other commodities in kefir" function, use, sales channels and other aspects of the obvious difference with the cited trademark, not the same or similar goods, together will not cause confusion among consumers in the market, so it should be approved registration.


  In October 30, 2006, the Trademark Office made (2006) Trademark No. 03170, ruling No., in support of the respondent's reasons. 3086691st, "old Kang laoniankang" and "logo" were approved for registration.


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