Novelty retrieval

Legal status retrieval

Project retrieval

Case retrieval

Patent retrieval

General purpose is to determine the direction of a project, breakthrough patent barriers and subject search. According to incomplete statistics, countries access to patent literature for failing to make the subject lose value, every year a loss of over one billion, even more indirect losses, China in the "75" period, nearly ten thousand public companies subject, about 2/3 are repeat study.

According to the purpose of retrieval, it is usually divided into novelty retrieval, project retrieval, case filing and retrieval, and legal status retrieval. Because of the different purposes, the retrieval methods and databases have different emphases.
Patent search or patent warning is one of the main means. However, retrieval is only a means, and the comparative analysis of technical documents according to the retrieved data is the core meaning of patent retrieval. Only by comparative analysis can the trend of retrieval be unlimited.

It is usually the right holder's right to claim foreign rights and the search for the independent patent right according to the relevant provisions. The purpose is to evaluate the stability of the independent patent right, so as to avoid the passive in the process of litigation.

It is generally used to search for the patent before the application of the patent, and it can also help the patent agent to draw up the patent documents, make the choice of the right and perfect the application scheme. Novelty retrieval has an important significance to save time and economic cost for applicants.

In order to determine the authenticity and legal status of a patent, to evaluate a patent retrieval of the next step.


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