The patent is subject to legal norms to protect inventions, it is an invention created to the state examination and approval authorities to apply for a patent, according to law after passing the examination to the applicant for a patent granted within the stipulated time of the invention enjoys exclusive rights.


Patent right is a kind of exclusive right, which is exclusive and exclusive. If a non patent holder wants to use another person's patented technology, he or she must obtain the permission or permission of the patent owner in accordance with the law.


A country in accordance with the patent right is granted its patent law, only valid in the jurisdiction of the law of the country in no binding to other countries, do not assume the obligation to protect the foreign patent, if an invention only patented in China, so the patentee only in the heart, both sides this represents the rights and obligations of the. “ exclusive ” refers to the legal awarded technology inventor in a period of time to enjoy the exclusive right to exclusive; “ &rdquo refers to the public; as for the legal technology inventor awarded its exclusive right to return its technology to all public, so that the public can obtain the relevant patent technology through the normal channels of information.


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